Get it from the horse's mouth.

"Deborah has just written an audio tour script for my company, MediaCombo.
In addition to what others have said about her, I appreciate her willingness to present her own ideas while being sensitive to the client's vision, her attention to detail, her ability to communicate clearly in discussing ideas, and her belief that schedules are to be adhered to!"

Robin White Owen, Co-Owner, MediaCombo (Award-Winning Multimedia Production Company)

"Deborah has written two scripts for Acoustiguide, one for an exhibition of Isabelle de Borchgrave's work at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens and the other, for a Fabergé exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts. For both projects, Deborah had to interview key experts on the subjects. She was incredibly thorough—overpreparing, in fact!—and got good material from her subjects. In her writing, Deborah skillfully condensed complicated material (such as the saga of the Russian imperial family, the Romanovs) into pithy, user-friendly commentaries. She has a gift with language and understands how to tailor the tone and approach for a project. I'd also praise Deborah's ability to learn and adapt quickly to new situations. It's a much-sought-after but rarely found quality in a writer in this niche."

Julie Treumann, Creative Director, Acoustiguide (Audio Tour Production Company)

"Deborah worked with me on the PBS series Think Tank as well as on several national PBS documentaries. Her writing and research skills are superb; her grasp of the visual language of film is impressive. She brings a real sense of maturity and perspective to the work. Deborah, for example, was part of the team that we brought to Israel to film multiple editions of Think Tank to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the state. It was a challenging production situation, where we had to balance schedules, travel, security, and of course politics (this was Israel, after all). We ended up with news-making interviews with a number of high-ranking Israeli officials, including MP Ben Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. Deborah was cool headed throughout and was a great asset at every step of the way."

Andrew Walworth, President, Grace Creek Media

"Deborah worked on many high-quality, large-dollar and large-scale projects for the National Guard and other big clients while at Mind & Media. She helped develop award-winning media products for Mind & Media as a member of the writing and consulting staff. Her focus and dedication to developing good written materials for our clients helped Mind & Media succeed during her tenure with the company."

Alan Eisenberg, Director of Multimedia, Mind & Media