New Work and Core Values Are the Focus
of CMM's Summer 2014 Newsletter


I recently realized to my surprise that three key values inform my writing for mobile, video, and interactive. These and illustrative new website, marketing video, and mobile interpretation projects are revealed in the latest newsletter from Content | Media | Message. Read all about it here!

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What I Fell For This Fall and Big Winter News

When I was in school, History went in one ear and out the other. But recently, while researching an audio tour for the ancestral home of an American general and profiling Holocaust survivors for a historical exhibition, I was surprised to find that I not only liked learning history but remembered it. One of the many bonuses of this kind of work is that one is always learning something new. Also appealing—and challenging—is that in writing audio tours and exhibitions, every word counts.

For all these reasons, I’ve decided to dedicate Content | Media | Message to Exhibit Content Writing and Production—serving as a “one-stop shop” for any kind of writing (and/or producing) that an exhibit might require, to include audio tours, panel texts, apps, interactives, videos/documentaries, websites, study guides, and even treatments and proposals.  In keeping with this new focus, the CMM website has been remodeled; feel free to take a look around!

Eighteen Lives, 18 Amazing Stories Presented in Recent Exhibition
Scripted and Curated by Deborah Schull for L.I. Holocaust Museum


In its 130-year history, ORT—The Organization for Rehabilitation through Training—has touched the lives of 3 million people in 60 countries around the world.  Deborah Schull was honored to curate and script the exhibition “ORT Saved My Life”: The Legacy Continues, which ran from August 26 through October 4, 2013, at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, on Long Island.  The exhibition profiled 18 students of different ages, nationalities, and religions whose lives were transformed—and, in some cases, actually saved—by the organization. This exhibit was produced by ORT America.